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"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do"

-Kobe Bryant




Alex Gonzalez graduated from Woodrow Wilson Senior High in 2004 in the top 10% of his class. After graduation Coach Gonzalez continued his education at California State University Los Angeles from 2004-2011, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (B.S.) along with his teaching credential. He then pursued a higher education at Azusa Pacific University where he earned his Masters in Leadership in 2017.

 As a Freshman and sophomore, 2000-2002, Coach Gonzalez played Varsity soccer and Froshsoph basketball. During his junior year at Wilson, 2002-2003, Coach Gonzalez was a key player to the varsity football and varsity soccer teams. But it doesn’t end there. He was also a part of the jv volleyball team. If anyone knows what it means to be a student athlete it’s him. His senior year, 2003-2004, he was able to be on all three varsity teams for football, soccer, and volleyball.

He started his coaching career by becoming the Junior Varsity soccer coach at Bassett High School in 2010-2012. In 2012-2014 Coach Gonzalez became the head coach for the varsity soccer team at Bassett high.

He later moved to Linda Esperanza Marquez High School, 2016-2018. At Marquez he was able to help the team win the Southern League and advance to be semi-finalists in 2016-2017. Not only was Coach Gonzalez a soccer coach but he was also the boys volleyball coach 2017 and 2018. He coached one year of junior varsity and then advanced to coach Varsity volleyball. As their coach he was able to take his team to the second round of playoffs. In 2016-2018 Coach Gonzalez was the JV football coach at Marquez and was able to develop his team enough to win co-league champions in the Southern league. So as you can see coach Gonzales has a lot of coaching experience under his belt. 

During the summer of 2018 Coach Alex Gonzalez applied and received the position of Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher at his Alma Mater, Woodrow Wilson Senior High, exemplifying the meaning “Once a Mule, Always a Mule”. During the winter season of 2018-2019 Coach Gonzalez stepped in as the JV boys soccer coach and was able to end with a successful winning season. During the 2019-2020 soccer season Coach Gonzalez developed a team that made history by being the first boys soccer team in school history to make it to a Los Angeles City Section final. Although he was not lucky enough to be on the winning side he was proud to announce he had 5 players make the CIF-LACS All -City team. 

Coach Gonzalez holds both U.S. Soccer National  “E” License and “D” License.


Coach Gonzalez plans on pursuing his coaching education in the near future for the benefit of the soccer program he is building. Coach Gonzalez’s story does not end here, he intends on someday winning the Championship game and is determined to put in the work alongside the dedication of his team here at Wilson. #MasQueUnClub




Goalkeeper COACH

Joceline Castaneda -Tapia better known as “Jozz” graduated from Woodrow Wilson Senior High in 2016. Jozz continued her education at East Los Angeles College, 2010-2019, where she received her Associate in Arts in Administration of Justice (AA) along with her Associate in Science in Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T). She is now pursuing a higher education at California State University Los Angeles.

While at Wilson, she played Goalkeeper for the Varsity team (2012-2016). Jozz showed strong leadership skills and was named captain of the 2015-2016 team by Coach Romo With her love for athletics and desire to grow as an athlete she decided to give volleyball a try and ended up playing for the Wilson volleyball team (2015-2016). Jozz continued her athletic career playing both soccer and beach volleyball for Glendale Community College in 2018. Previous to this she had thoughts that playing at the college level was out of reach but she was determined and dedicated to prove herself and everyone wrong! There were times where she thought of quitting but her love for the game kept her going and landed her starting positions on both teams. The passion and commitment she had is the same passion she wants to translate to her players now as a coach. 

 Jozz started her coaching career by becoming the assistant coach for Wilson girls soccer team under Coach Romo and Coach Juan Castaneda from 2016-2018. As an assistant coach she helped the lady mules achieve the first city championship in school history in 2017-2018. With her years of experience at the Goalkeeper position, she has been able to help various players of all ages to improve their skills and abilities as Goalkeepers bringing their game to the next level. Jozz proved herself to be a strong asset on the coaching staff and in 2018 proceeded to be an assistant coach to Wilson’s boys soccer team under Coach Alex Gonzalez. As an assistant coach, Jozz accompanied Wilson’s boys soccer team as they became finalists in 2019-2020.


Jozz holds a U.S Soccer National “D” License and intends on helping future generations of Wilson athletes reach a competitive level that will bring Wilson Athletics to a high standard. 

In the near future Joceline Castaneda -Tapia intends on becoming a Probation Officer where she can help young adults become better versions of themselves on and off the field.




Assistant COACH

Juan Castaneda Jr graduated from Woodrow Wilson Senior High in 2007. Juan played for Wilson’s boys soccer team, 2005-2007. During his time as a student athlete Juan played multiple positions for both JV and Varsity. Whenever and whichever team needed him the most is where he would play.  Here he demonstrated his love for the game and that he didn’t care about titles but was all about the sport and the team. Juan helped the boys varsity soccer team get league champions in 2004-2005. 

Juan started his coaching career by becoming an assistant coach in 2010 under Coach Jorge Orozco at Wilson. As an assistant coach he developed the goalkeepers to a competitive standard. In the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons, Juan was a part of the coaching staff that helped the team get back to back league champions under Coach Jimmy Castaneda. Juan continued to assist the boys soccer team until 2015 which is when he was given the opportunity to become head jv coach of the girls soccer team at Wilson alongside Coach Romo. He had proved himself as a coach and was ready to take the girls to a championship just as he did for the boys and that’s exactly what he did! In 2017-18 Juan was a part of the coaching staff of the team that won the first soccer championship in school history! In 2018 he rejoined the boys soccer program under Coach Jimmy Castaneda and Coach Gonzalez. He was an assistant coach in 2019-2020 when the boys soccer team became city championship finalist under head Coach Alex Gonzalez.


Throughout his coaching career he has trained people of all ages and all playing levels to improve their soccer IQ. He has been able to expand their knowledge of the game and truly has taught them how one must read the game making these players real students of the game. With this teaching skill he has truly embodied what it means to be a coach. Above all else Coach Juan Castaneda wants to teach his athletes pride! Jaun has served Wilson Athletics for 10+ years, and counting, exemplifying the meaning “Once a Mule, Always a Mule”. #MasQueUnClub


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